Ambassador’s lecture in Atlanta, will be live streaming event at:

South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool will discuss his country’s post‐apartheid,
community‐based solutions to effectively manage to the problem of militant religious
extremism without sacrificing the core values of due process, human rights, and social justice.
Immediately preceding this conversation, Hrair Balian of the Conflict Resolution
Program at the Carter Center, will present “The Role of Civic‐State Partnerships in Global
Conflict Management.”
The event will explore how partnerships between civic institutions and state authorities
re best equipped to manage the complex problems of radicalism, social conflict, and militancy, as well as the challenges of navigating competing approaches to counter‐terrorism.
The program is made possible through the support of the United States Institute of Peace, GSU’s Transcultural Conflict & Violence Initiative, the Carter Center and the World Affair’s Council of Atlanta.
Disarming a Vigilante Militia is part of a broader research initiative, Muslim Approaches
to Religious Extremism, which seeks to examine the various strategies employed by Muslim
communities and civic actors to counter the threat of religious radicalism in their societies.
In the global political moment when military solutions are increasingly sought to manage complex sociocultural phenomena, public diplomacy and civic based approaches to conflict resolution deserve increased attention. The project connects to GSU’s Transcultural Conflict & Violence.


Rasool Event Invitation


Ambassador’s lecture in Atlanta, will be live streaming event at:

  • E vent schedule:
    6:00 – 6:20 PM “CIVIC APPROACHES TO CONFLICT RESOLUTION” by Hrair Balian, Carter Center
  • Background information:
    South African Muslims Over Three Centuries – Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool
    Press Release
  • RSVP: Attendance is free and open to the public, however space is limited. Please contact Dr. Barzegar to reserve a seat.
  • Streaming live event at:

One Response to Georgia State University and the Carter Center welcome South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool for a conversation about his role in the peaceful disarmament of a Muslim vigilante militia. 17 April, 2013

  • Thank you so much for this event. I attended it, last night, and my mind was blown. I am teaching the module on global inequality in my Introduction to Sociology class, right now. If I had a video-tape of this talk, I would show it in class. Indeed, if you are able to distribute video, or even just audio, recordings of the talk, please let me know how to get them. I have been teaching Sociology at Morehouse since 2006, and teaching our students how to be global citizens and leaders is foremost in the minds of many of the faculty.

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