• Visitor’s Visa (Less than 90 days)
  • Visitor’s Visa (more than 90 days)
  • Visitor’s Visa (Section 11(2)-short term work)
  • Visitor’s Visa (Spousal) Section 11(6)
  • Study Visa
    issued to foreigners intending to take up studies in South Africa.
  • Treaty Visa
    issued to foreigners conducting activities in South Africa in terms of an international agreement to which South Africa is a party.
  • Relative’s Visa
    issued to relatives/spouses of South African citizens or residents intending to move to South Africa and take up permanent residence.
  • Medical Visa
    issued to foreigners intending to visit South Africa for the purpose of undergoing medical treatment.
  • Retired Person’s Visa
    issued to retirees intending to live in South Africa only for limited or seasonal periods during the validity of the permit.
  • Business Visa
    issued to foreigners who intend to establish or invest in a business in South Africa in which they may be employed.


    • General Work Visa
      This is a permit issued to all foreigners with general qualifications intending to work in South Africa.
    • Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa
      issued to foreigners being transferred by their own company to an affiliate company in South Africa.
    • Critical Skills Work Visa
      issued to applicants in possession of exceptional skills or qualifications that are scarce in in South Africa.
    • Corporate Visa
      issued by the Department to a corporate applicant. A corporate applicant is defined as a juristic person established under the laws of South Africa or a foreign country as a corporation to employ foreigners to conduct work for such applicant.
  • Exchange Visa
    issued to applicants under the age of 25 years and may only conduct work for one year.
  • Permanent Residence
    issued to applicants who meet the criteria of being a permanent resident in South Africa.



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