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Areas of Jurisdiction

Embassy of South Africa is responsible for the states of Alabama, Arkansas, District of Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Wisconsin.

Civic Services

Requirements for applications 

  • NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED! Applications and collections will only be accommodated Mon-Thurs between 09h30-12h30
  • Applicants are welcome to send/collect their applications/documents via prepaid envelope addressed to the Embassy. 
  • Civic enquiries: 
  • Telephone enquiries: +1 (202) 528 2879 only accommodated Mon-Thurs between 14h00-16h00 and Friday 14h00-15h00.    
  • Applications for Emergency Travel Certificate, send email to: 

forms available online: 

Application forms not available online to be requested via prepaid envelope. Alternatively, please note requirements for in-person visit: 

DHA-73  (Passport)  

DHA-9 (Fingerprints for ID & Passport)


DHA-529 (Determination
of RSA Citizenship)

DHA-24 (Registration of Birth)


DHA-154 (Birth Certificate)

DHA-24(a) (Late Registration of Birth)

DHA-288 (Affidavit in support of Birth registration)

DHA-1663 (Death Registration)



DHA-132 (Death Certificate)

DHA-1682 (Personal Amendments)

DHA-130 (Marriage Certificate)

DHA-196 (Change of Forename/s)

DHA-1666 (Exemption of RSA Citizenship)

DHA-526 (Change of Surname/s)


DHA-1664 (Retention of RSA Citizenship) 


DHA-246 (Renunciation of Citizenship)


ETC (Emergency Travel Certificate) 


    Please note the following:  
  • DHA-9 Form (fingerprints): requires two signatures, on the front of the form and on the page with fingerprints.
  • First time passport application for an adult (16 years and above) must also submit an application for first ID book. 
  • For more information, click Application requirements and Forms 

Please note:

  • All South Africans including dual citizens abroad must keep their passports valid at all times. It is advisable to apply for your new passport 12 months before expiry of your current passport.
  • South Africans may enter and depart South Africa with their valid South African passports only. A South African citizen entering South Africa with a foreign passport will be subjected to a fine or imprisonment (in terms of South African Citizenship Act, 1995).
  • All birth registration must take place within 30 days of the birth of a child, (in terms of the Births and Death Registration Act, 1992).
  • Persons age 16 years should apply for ID documents before applying for a passport for the first time.
  • DHA 24 (all categories of ages) and DHA-9 have a unique bar code, therefore cannot be downloaded, as an original form is required. To request forms, the following must be noted: A4 (11” x 9”) prepaid envelope size with at least $7.65 or FedEx or UPS envelope. (A request note specifying the type of form to be added).
  • To request birth registration forms, the age of the applicant (child) must specified on the request note.
  • All applications must be completed in black ink.

Other Services

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